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SIGOV-CA digital certificates 450 views

SIGOV-CA is the issuer of qualified digital certificates of public administration institutions of the Certification authority at the Ministry of Public Administration.
SIGOV-CA (: Slovenian Governmental Certification Authority) is the issuer of qualified digital certification authority at the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) for public administration of Slovenia.

Qualified digital certificates issued by SIGOV-CA follow the newest guidelines regarding encryption, and are in accordance with the Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act, and published Certification Policies. The purpose, operation and methodology of managing digital certificates, the liability of the Certification Authority and the holders of digital certificates, and security requirements, which need to be fulfilled by the holders, are all defined in the Certification Policy with regard to each type of digital certificates.

SIGOV-CA is issuing enterprise and web digital certificate which are further divided into digital certificates for employees, general name and servers.

SIGOV-CA digital certificates for employees and general name are enrolled directly on a smart card and allow the creation of a qualified signature.

More on SIGOV-CA digital certificate: www.sigov-ca.gov.si


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Compliance with EU assets
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