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eJR IT Support for Public Tendering 486 views

The eJR online application provides IT support in the processing of public tenders. It supports the procedures of submitting and processing of applicants’ documents. It assists professionals with registering, processing and evaluating applications, and preparing administrative acts, such as, for instance, a call for amending an application, decision or agreement.
The eJR IT support for implementing public tenders provides for an efficient and rationalised operation of public administration. It sets up conditions to link public records and provides an IT service for citizens, corporate entities and employees of public administration. It provides IT support for the integral procedure, from the preparation and publication of a tender to the evaluation of applications, the reporting on and monitoring of projects.
eJR minimises administrative obstacles and enhances the use of IT services by:
- simplifying the procedures of submitting and receiving applications;
- increasing the percentage of completed applications as it identifies logical errors in entry boxes, which minimises the number of calls for their correction;
- enabling the transparency of data and analytics;
- increasing efficiency through electronic preparation of forms based on the conditions of a tender, the use of templates, forms and criteria;
- enabling records of applications submitted and a comprehensive overview of applications and procedure stages;
- providing electronic, remote and simultaneous evaluation by expert panel members;
- enabling the generating of documents, from calls for amendments, decisions, rulings, agreements and delivery forms, to print-outs of designs and envelopes;
- providing online submission of reports on the work carried out to applicants;
- increasing the promptness of the design of similar tenders in the future;
- enabling log-ons through certificates, passwords or the use of the SI-PASS building block;
- providing electronic signing of applications using the SI-CeS building block;
- enabling a link to the office’s document system.


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