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eJR IT Support for Public Tendering 661 views

The eJR information system supports the process of implementation and processing of public tenders. It supports the process of electronic submission and processing of applications from applicants and provides the necessary information regarding public tenders and tender conditions. The solution is accessible at any time and from any place, including from a mobile device, and is suitably information secure.
The eJR information system is built with the use of open source sources and purpose-developed modules. It is set up on the central information and communication infrastructure of the state authorities, which provides adequate security and technical conditions for the operation of information systems. In the construction of the security system, the use of the GENERIC ounter technological requirements and the Guidelines for the development of information systems place. eJR uses the common building blocks of the state administration SI-CeS, SI-CAS and smsPASS and connects with the document system KRPAN and the central electronic storage CEH.
Key eJR functionalities are:
- creation of smart electronic forms for data capture or entry via an intuitive graphical interface;
- automatic verification of the logical correctness of input fields during the application (before submission);
- generation of appropriate documents (invitation to supplement, evaluation sheet, decision, etc.) according to the stage of the tender procedure;
- independent adaptation of implementation parameters of calls, which also includes the creation of a project team and delegation of project applications;
- creation of new calls based on pre-prepared templates and / or pre-calls;
- electronic evaluation of applications with quantitative criteria that can be set for each call;
possibility of conducting assessments from remote locations and independently from other members of expert committees;
- export of data from the system for later analysis;
- login via a common SI-CAS building block (user name and password, qualified digital certificate, smsPASS);
- electronic signing of applications with RS valid qualified digital certificates - a common building block of SI-CeS;
- possibility of connectivity or integration with back-end systems (e.g. with document system KRPAN;)
- central electronic file storage (CEH);
- the ability to create an audit trail that provides insight into the access and activities of system users.


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