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Government communication network HKOM 1648 views

HKOM network is used by those institutions (central government, part of local government and other) that have legal mandate to access internal information resources only available inside the network.

Government communication network consists of "connecting part of the network", designed to rapidly connect various parts of the network and segment it (core, access, servers) and the "service part of the network" providing additional support services such as:
- ensuring the quality of services in LAN, WAN and MAN network
- providing security by firewalls to control traffic inside and between the institutions,
- providing security by the IPS-IDS system for proactive control of network traffic flows,
- ensuring the high availability of services and the managing of user sessions by load balancing devices,
- providing internet access services,
- providing centralized control,
- management and control of wireless networks,
- services for connection of server segments,
- remote VPN access.

Connectivity in the HKOM network is provided in one of the following ways:
- using the Internet and VPN technology,
- using own or leased optical connections,
- using IP VPN connections.

Government communication network HKOM is owned, controlled and managed by ministry responsible for public administration.

Users of HKOM network can access the internet and networks of European union, to provide electronic services and general information on public administration.

For users who are not connected via permanent connections, an effective security system is in place in the HKOM network to identify users. For this method of connection to the HKOM network, the data recognition system is used.

For users who are connected via permanent connections, a more convenient way of connecting to the HKOM network is by establishing Virtual Private Networking (VPN).


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