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Software for automated identification and redaction (anonymisation) of information protected by law 340 views

In the framework of the e-ARH.si (2016-2020/21) project the Slovenian Public Archival Service (SPAS) obtained and adapted a software solution (OpenText!Brava and Blazon), which provides options for the redaction of information found in current and archival records.

This solutions provides:

- the import of individual documents or groups of documents for redaction (in .pdf, .jpg, .tiff and other formats);
- automated optical character recognition (OCR);
- the creation and adding of search strings or words to the database (thesaurus);
- the option of importing pre-created databases of words or the creation and editing of new (also the option of export);
- the execution of an automated redaction of an individual document of groups of documents;
- manual marking of words, parts of text, items of records fields, which are the subject of redaction;
- a user interface, which enables the user to accept or decline redacted search strings or words in the phase of document overview.

The redaction tool is installed on the SPAS network and includes instructions for use. In the framework of the project one user had been trained for advanced use of the tool.


Interoperability level
Technical interoperability
Interoperability sublevel
Message transport and security
ADMS type of interoperability
Owner institution

Arhiv Republike Slovenije





Arhiv RS
Restrictions of use
Compliance with EU assets
Yes - Directive GDPR, The solutions is congruent with the ISO 14721 OAIS standard (Open archival Information System).
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
The Slovenian Public Archival Service (SPAS) performs the redaction of information on the basis of Article 65 of the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act in two ways: physically on copies of archival records and digitally on born digital archival records or using digitized archival records. The solution SPAS had found for these purposes in the framework of the e-ARH.si 2016-2020/2021 project, is suitable for all organizations, which have the obligation to protect and thus redact information protected by law.
Type of usage
The solutions is congruent with the ISO 14721 OAIS standard (Open archival Information System).

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