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Official statistical data
National statistics shall make available to authorities and organisations of public administration, economic entities and to the general public the data on the status and trends in the economic, demographic and social fields, as well as in the field of environment and natural resources. Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia offers single point access to statistical data at the SI-STAT data portal, which includes:
- tables in PC-Axis format allow direct access via the web interface, a selection of categories to view, save in different formats and subscription for notification of the updated data (only for registered users),
- links to other data published on the website of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (published publications, data in .XLS format),
- links to websites of authorized producers of national statistics, where statistical data are published for the areas covered by authorized producers,
- links to European statistical data collected by EUROSTAT from national statistical offices of Member States of the European Union and candidate countries.


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Statistični urad Republike Slovenije





Statistični urad Republike Slovenije
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