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Guidelines for Public Procurement of Cleaning Services 301 views

The guidelines are based on the principles set out in the Public Procurement Act, with the aim of defining the needs of the contracting authorities to select economic operators that are affordable and whose work is of high quality, taking into account labor and social legislation. With this, the >Guidelines strive to achieve socially responsible public procurement, based on the consideration of social aspects in public procurement, with an emphasis on decent work. The guidelines include chapters for the calculation of the estimated value and selection of the public procurement procedure, technical specifications, selection criteria (qualifications of economic operators), award criteria with emphasis on social public procurement, contractual provisions and explanation regarding abnormally low tender. The Guidelines pragmatically approach the resolution of this issue, and therefore contain some useful examples that can help contracting authorities in a great deal when dealing with dilemmas and following the provisions of public procurement law. The use of the guidelines will ensure competition, quality, consideration of social aspects and equal treatment of economic operators and the efficient execution of public procurement of cleaning services.
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