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Digital Slovenia 2030 Strategy 569 views

The Digital Slovenia 2030 strategy is the overarching strategy for the digital transformation of our country by 2030 and is the response of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to the development challenges of digitalization. It is intended to provide strategic planning for promoting Slovenia's digital transformation in the development period by the year 2030. The strategy takes into account the ambitions and principles of the European Union (EU) and is the result of coordination between government representatives, institutions, academics, civil society, and the interested public. It addresses the key areas of Slovenia's digital transformation, building on European strategic documents and focusing on the main challenges of digital transformation in Slovenia. The strategy anticipates orientations and targets with indicators to address the biggest development gaps to accelerate the development of digital transformation in all areas, from gigabit infrastructure to the digital transformation of the economy, digital public services, the path to Smart Society 5.0, cybersecurity, digital competences and inclusion, and related content such as enabling environments and the green transition. The Digital Slovenia 2030 Strategy is a strategic document and contains specific measurable indicators in each of the thematic areas. The overarching objective of the strategy is to promote the digital transformation of Slovenia in all segments – society, government, local communities, and the economy. The Ministry responsible for digital transformation is responsible for managing the implementation of the strategy.


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Ministrstvo za digitalno preobrazbo





Ministrstvo za digitalno preobrazbo
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