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Search within the site. The repositories of the NIO portal are used as catalogues. These catalogues contain information on datasets and data structure, their use, data administrator etc. The owner of the information is always the institution which created them, regardless if the institution is part of the private sector or a non-govermental organisation. The owner of all information within the public information system is the state.
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Metadata are the core of any modern spatial infrastructure, its interoperability and enable the description of the characteristics of spatial data and related services. They also ensure the integration of modern electronic services and thus enable and simplify access to spatial data and their use in various applications. The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia, in cooperation with the INSPIRE project group, and contractor Igea, d.o.o. prepared a specification of the Slovenian metadata profile for spatial data and services. As the legally determined contact point for the implementation of the INSPIRE directive and the administrator of the Slovenian infrastructure for spatial information, the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (SMA) is responsible for managing the metadata system for spatial information and related services. In accordance with the requirements of INSPIRE, SMA has prepared an information system for spatial metadata management (IMPS), which in its current, upgraded form is harmonized with the Slovenian metadata profile. The Slovenian metadata profile fully complies with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive and its implementing rules, and is upgraded with additional metadata elements and rules that are in line with the needs for spatial metadata management in Slovenia. The profile is mandatory for all spatial data controllers that publish metadata in the Slovenian metadata system (regardless of whether the databases fall under the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive or not), so they must prepare their metadata in accordance with the requirements of the Slovenian metadata profile.

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