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The preparation and the final formation of regulation is a process, in which the ministries, the public, government offices, the government and the national assembly are actively involved. Parts of this process had already been supported by some previously developed software tools. The project called IT-supported procedure for drafting legislation (ITDL), therefore, had to cover various aspects to ensure the functioning of various software platforms and the use of full range of related software products. The result of the project is a system which allows coverage of all essential steps in the process of adopting a legal act, operating uniformly in all spheres of competence, which are involved in the process of preparing and adopting legislation. Strong emphasis is also placed on the fostering of the involvement of public contribution in the process of regulation drafting. Linking back-end systems of the ITDL with the web sub-portal E-democracy allows for easy monitoring of existing legislation and preparation of new legislation in one place, which is of paramount importance to users. Above all, this part is very useful for non-governmental organizations (NGO's) and professional sphere of the public, which are in this way able to convey comments and suggestions, thus contributing to better legislation. Also supported in the process is the electronic signing of documents, while the collection of documents and the preparation of all regulation material is centralized. The IT-supported procedure for the drafting legislation project pursued the following objectives: • to create standardised software support for users at the ministries, government offices and the government, which must be user-friendly, easy to use and must offer automated procedures whenever possible; • to provide the public easy online access to regulations in the drafting procedure and, at the same time, encourage the public to actively participate in all phases of the procedure of adopting legislation.

Available as: PPT
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