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National Programme to Promote the Development and Use of AI in the Republic of Slovenia by 2025 706 views

National Programme to Promote the Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Slovenia by 2025 (NpUI) was adopted in May 2021 and provides the fframework for the systemic support, regulation and implementation of all activities related to artificial intelligence in Slovenia.
In order to ensure the fastest possible knowledge transfer through the life cycle, from research to applied products and solutions, the NpUI defines 10 strategic objectives, including support for research and innovation projects, the establishment of appropriate data and communication infrastructure, and support for reference projects in six priority areas (health, industry 4.0, digital public services, language technologies, sustainable food production and environment, spatial planning).
The Government of the Republic of Slovenia is responsible for the implementation of the programme, key ministries are responsible for the implementation of their own sectoral implementing instruments, and the Ministry responsible for the Information Society is responsible for the overall coordination and monitoring of the implementation of the NpUI programme.


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Ministrstvo za digitalno preobrazbo





MDP, medresorsko usklajevanje
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