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Search within the site. The repositories of the NIO portal are used as catalogues. These catalogues contain information on datasets and data structure, their use, data administrator etc. The owner of the information is always the institution which created them, regardless if the institution is part of the private sector or a non-govermental organisation. The owner of all information within the public information system is the state.
Since 9.12.2016, the "DATA" are being published on our NEW OPEN DATA PORTAL "OPSI": https://podatki.gov.si/data/search .



Public administration, administrative procedures and information security (23)
Information Society (17)
General (15)
Protection of personal data and public information (5)
Economy (4)
Education (2)
Culture (2)
Science and Technology (2)
Environment, INSPIRE (2)
Internal affairs (1)
Statistics (1)
Finance (1)
Taxation (1)
All fields


Central IT building blocks (15)
Digital identities, electronic signiture and e-Documents (13)
Interoperability framework, central applications (11)
Central building blocks, e-Government architecture (9)
Common methodologies and policies (7)
Central software distribution (3)
All building blocks


E-Services (22)
Organizational interoperability (19)
Technical interoperability (15)
Legislative interoperability (2)
Semantic interoperability (2)


E-services (20)
Policy of National interoperability framework (9)
National interoperability framework (8)
Data presentation and exchange (5)
Interconnection Services (4)
Distributed Application Architecture (4)
Cross-sectorial agreements (2)
Other (2)
Contract (1)
Data interfaces (1)
Web Services (1)
Decision (1)
Semantic assets (1)
Data integration and middleware (1)
All interoperability sublevels


Recommended (60)


PDF (32)
DOC (5)
DOCX (5)
ZIP (3)
PPT (2)
XLS (1)
TXT (1)
XLSX (1)
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Ministrstvo za javno upravo (10)
Informacijski pooblaščenec (6)
Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve (4)
Univerza v Mariboru - Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko (2)
Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije (2)
Statistični urad Republike Slovenije (1)
Ministrstvo za kulturo (1)
Protokol Republike Slovenije (1)
Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica Ljubljana (1)
Urad Vlade Republike Slovenije za komuniciranje (1)
Finančna uprava Republike Slovenije (1)
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The Open Science repositories enable deposit and preservation of electronic versions of diploma, master and doctoral theses, of publications of the universitie’s employees as well as of research data. Bilingual web and mobile interfaces are available to users from around the world together with the recommender system and functionalities for users with disabilities. Compliance of the repositories with OpenAIRE Guidelines enables the European Commission to verify the fulfilment of obligatory open access to all publications from co-financed projects in Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. The repositories are connected with COBISS.SI and SICRIS, included into DART-Europe portal and different directories, aggregators and search engines (OpenDOAR,ROAR,BASE …). For each publication, archived into one of the repositories, the detection of the similarity of its content (plagiarism) will be carried out at the national portal during the deposit into the repository. Bilingual web and mobile interfaces of the national portal enable searching all the repositories simultaneously, also available are the recommender system and functionalities for users with disabilities. The European Commission has determined that open access to all peer-reviewed publications from projects, co-financed by the framework programme for financing of research and innovation Horizon 2020, is a general principle. A pilot for open access to research data will be developed and will take into consideration the specificities of scientific areas and sensitive aspects of research data like privacy, trade secrets, national security, legitimate commercial interests and intellectual property rights (details are available in Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Horizon 2020). The European Commission recommends that EU Member States adopt the same policies for open access to the research results, co-financed from national public budgets, as will apply to Horizon 2020. Regarding national open access environments the Member States are recommended to ensure that guidance is provided to researchers. E-infrastructures should be built for deposit, access to and preservation of open access publications and data. The repositories and the national open science portal enable the interested parties in Slovenia and from around the world (researchers, students, companies, general public ..) access to the intellectual production of Slovenian research organizations. At the same time, this infrastructure will enable the researchers to fulfill the requirements for open access to publications from publicly financed research. The goal of the national portal is to provide support to open science which besides open access to publications and research data and also includes open collaboration of scientists in different phases of research (more about open science is available in the report from the Royal Society)

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